Saturday, March 22, 2014

Number one frustration

One of the biggest challenges I've found so far in this is eat - at work. I manage a salon and take clients. Quite often I'm booked back to back all day. I know I should be marking myself off for a lunch break but it doesn't always happen. When you have a very full book and everyone wants in sometimes it's hard to say no.

In the mornings I make my IDLife Meal Replacement Shake. It's delicious - especially with Almond/Coconut milk. I've always had trouble eating early in the morning so the shake is perfect. That and some black coffee and I'm good to go. But once I get to work it's much harder. I keep mixed nuts or granola bars up there and when I think about it some baby carrots and hummus. And at times I get another protein shake (not IDLife, I can't quite afford 2 of those a day). If I've got all my stuff on hand that will usually get me through day without feeling like I'm starving - as long as I'm busy. But then I get home and I AM starving and that's when things get bad. It's very hard for me not to eat anything in sight at that point.

So I'm on the hunt for healthy foods I can make a head of time and take to work to munch on during the day. It's best if they are things I don't have to reheat - sometimes I have 5 minutes between clients and if I'm lucky maybe 30 minutes. If anyone has ideas, please comment! This is probably my biggest struggle right now. What to eat! I like to cook and I'm looking for good recipes for at home as well. And when it's just me and my husband it's not that hard. He'll eat whatever I make. But when our 4 kids are all there - well not only is it hard to make them eat the kinds of things I need to be eating but I can't afford all fresh, organic, etch for 6 people.

So frustrating!!

Tonight though it's just me and hubby. And we're going out on a date night. I'm a firm believer in letting yourself enjoy any sort of meal you want from time to time. It's not having it every now and then thaqt will kill you, it's the having it every day! So tonight we're indulging and tomorrow I'll be going grocery shopping. Going to try harder to do healthier meals at night and actually have real food at work during the day.

I welcome any healthy recipes!!

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