Thursday, April 24, 2014

Feel The Burn

Finally got back on track and loving every second! It's amazing to me how much I actually enjoy this. I've lived my life hating exercise. Dreading every time I was going to do any form of workout. Now I can't wait to do it. What I find really funny is that even when I've let myself slack - or when I got ill and couldn't workout for a while - I was still pumped up about DDPYoga and was telling everyone about it. I've gotten a few people into it now and I get more excited when I see them excited and see it WORKING! If you want to get in on the fun just click the banner over on the right!

I've had excuses - things that I felt were making it hard for me to get my workouts in. I've now come up with a plan to fix that. You MUST have a plan! Dylan S over on Team DDPYoga said it best - if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So in the interest of keeping myself accountable (and maybe helping some of you out too) here is my plan for getting at least 4 days of workouts in.

First let me tell you my work schedule. I work Monday and Tuesdays from 9am-3pm. Those days are fine. I pick the kids up from school and get my workout in when I get home. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday it's usually 10am-6pm. These are my hard days. Getting home after 6pm and then making dinner and then eating dinner and cleaning up and by that point I do NOT want to work out. I'm tired and want to chill. That's where I've been failing. Now, I only need an hour to get ready for work. If my work day starts at 10am, I'm out the door at 9:30 so I can get to the salon and get set up before my client gets there. Which means I get up at 8:30am. I am not a morning person. I treasure my sleep like a pirate treasures gold. However my husband is usually getting in the shower at 8am so I'm usually awake, just dozing in bed until he's done and my alarm goes off at 8:30. You can probably see where I'm going with this...

My DDPYoga Workout Schedule:

Monday - workout after getting home with the kids (between 4pm-4:30pm)
Tuesday - workout after getting home with the kids (between 4pm-4:30pm)
Wednesday - 8am workout
Thursday - 8am workout
Friday - 8am workout
Saturday - off
Sunday - off

I'll be mixing it up by doing either Energy and Red Hot Core or Fat Burner and Red Hot Core for now. I want to get those down to not needing to do modifications before I add other stuff. And though the weekend is consider rest days I will probably at least get in Wake Up on those mornings just to stay loose.

But that's 5 days a week of working out - I thought you said 4 days? You're right. My schedule is such that I sometimes go into work early (at 9am) on Weds/Thurs/Fri if a client needs me. If I have to go in early (like I did today) that is my rest day. If I have a week where I don't have to go in early on those days (unlikely but it happens) then I'll either pick a day off or, if I'm feeling really productive, I'll just do it all 5 days. If I have a crazy week and have to go in early a few days then I'll make up for it on the weekends. But having this basic plan (and knowing how I can work around things coming up) is going to help me. The husband has been instructed to get my ass out of bed before he gets in the shower and he's good about bugging me to workout if I tell him to.

Today was one of those days I had to go into work early. And I had taken yesterday as a rest day after doing workouts Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I just came up with this schedule on my rest day so when I figured out I had to go in early today I was like "Doh!" But it worked out ok. Much as I hate to exercise late at night I got in Fat Burner AND Red Hot Core and owned them both! I'm tired and sweaty and shakey but so glad I kept at it and didn't let it stop me. And hubby has informed me that Diamond Cutter - especially when you're leaning back, is very hot. ;-)


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